Textile Design: First Year Projects

I started my project by researching relevant images and experimenting with appropriate techniques that would link in with my chosen theme of 'Scraping and Scabbing.'

I have used bubble wrap as a base several times as it allows me to trap objects in between. To add more colour and to give the illusion of a stripey effect, I have used an iron to melt the rubber bands with the acrylic paints and nail varnish.

Some research pages that were in relation to stripes and knitwear. To add effect and more texture on my knit samples, I have experimented with foiling and puff binder.

I presented my final knit samples on headers.

Images of my final weave designs presented on A2 boards. The project brief consisted of designing weave samples for a client that could be interpreted to any household items of our choice. I chose to focus on rugs and door mats. Similarly to my 'Stripes' project, you can see that I have continued to use a similar colour palette. I experimented with a number of different weave designs.

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  1. I love these! I just love looking at other designers sketchbooks and development process' cause being a design student myself I get sick of looking at my own all the time!