Dress- H&M// Blanket- Hand made by my beautiful mum

There is nothing that I enjoy more than reading a good book under the sunshine, being able to enjoy nature simply by feeling the freshly cut grass brush up against my skin really makes me appreciate the beauty of Summer. I finished 'The Virgin Suicides' by Jeffrey Eugenides a few weeks ago and loved it as much as the film. I'm currently reading Chuck Palahniuk's 'Damned' and so far, I am finding it most difficult to put it down.

Are you currently reading anything?

Ruth x


Bardot Top- Miss Selfridge// Skirt- New Look// Bag- Next

These pictures were taken by my lovely mumma when we went for a stroll down the Taff Trail which is beautifully situated near where I live in Cardiff. Since this discovery, I've started paying more visits to go for morning and evening runs. I've always enjoyed running and discovered my love for it in primary school where I used to partake in cross country and I was even a member of the relay team in athletics. Between you and me, I started to lose focus once I started comprehensive school and only really started running again just over a year ago or so but because I constantly have so many body hang ups (what girl doesn't?), I would always avoid running outside because of the fear of being mocked by the general public. It sounds pretty ridiculous just reading this back to myself but if you have ever been in my shoes then I'm sure you can relate to a certain extent. I'm just glad that I've finally plucked up the courage and confidence to put on my lycras, running shoes, get off the treadmill and actually run outside to take in the beautiful sights, greet every other runner that I encounter along the way and mime along to my spotify playlist that features an array of artists that range from Dexys, The Strokes, Chvrches to Britney. Pretty random, eh?

I'm hoping to keep progressing and I'd absolutely love to enter a marathon at some point. Maybe I could start working towards this, right? Let me know if you go running, whether it's avidly or just for fun. I'd love to know :)

Ruth x


Pinafore and Shirt- Boohoo// Bag- Vintage// Shoes- New Look// Earrings- Primark

Ever since I found my love for Textiles and Fashion from my GCSE days in school, a recurring theme that I often based my projects on was 'culture' as it's broad nature generated endless possibilities of exploration and interpretations that always guaranteed the most beautiful of outcomes. In particular, I've always loved tribal prints and fabrics, so my heart was instantly set in a flutter when I found this gorgeous pinafore on boohoo. The mixture of the ember palette and the highlighted turquoise with triangular motifs is very much reminiscent of some of the rich and beautiful African inspired fabrics that I used to work with and this little number is such a statement piece in my Summer wardrobe.

Is there a style from a certain Culture that really captures your imagination as well? :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Ruth x

Naughty Nautical

Crop Top- H&M// Skirt- New Look// Bag- Vintage

Let's address the elephant in the room here: yes, I have cut my hair. Do I regret it? Slightly, but change is always good, right?

On to this outfit now, there is nothing more Summery than a pretty nautical inspired look. It's definitely my go to theme if I'm ever stuck for an outfit. God bless you, red and blue.

Ruth x

Bag for Life

Skirt- Primark// Shirt- Boohoo// Denim Jacket, Scarf and Bag- Thrifted Vintage// Shoes- Missguided

I call this skirt the 'bag for life' skirt after the hurl of abuse that it received from the boys that I work with. Charming, right? None the less, it's still one of my favourite skirts to wear because I just love how 60's inspired it is; from the cut, colour and texture. I stumbled across these gorgeous snake skin brogues from Missguided and I instantly fell in love. I know they'll be constantly covering my feet this Summer.

Ruth x

Easter Sunday

Just a quick post to say Happy Easter. Hope you're all having fun consuming copious amounts of chocolate like I am.