Dress- New Look// Bag- Charity Shop// Shoes- Asos

Last week I had a little mooch around the shops without having any intention of making new purchases, I joke. I was totally looking for new dresses to wear over the Summer and I managed to find just that and it came in the form of this pretty, navy smock dress from New Look. Want to hear the best part? I picked it up for just a fiver, oh and it was from the 915 section so technically it was designed for a 14 year old girl. Sad to accept that at aged 22 I can still fit into teenagers clothes. Sigh!

I decided to team the dress up with my beloved Penny Lane platforms from Asos. I should mention that my generous boyfriend got me these as a replacement to my original pair which got hideously ruined on a night out, but more on that another time.

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend and haven't been blown away by the vicious wind. It is genuinely scary out there.

Ruth x


Jacket-Forever 21// Cropped Top and Brogues- Primark// Skirt- H&M// Bag- Charity Shop

I'm not sure what's happened to cause this 'bloggers block' that I've recently had. Maybe it's the continuous and tedious job hunting that I'm currently doing plus, attending interviews after interviews. It's such a snooze fest and I hope that I can get 'back into blogging' properly. So apologies for my lack of posts as of late.

Anyway, on to this outfit. I picked up this gorgeous skirt from H&M for just £5.99 and headed straight to the tills despite being practically skint, but I regret nothing. I love the weight of the skirt and the simple yet chic button detailing really finishes off the design beautifully for me. I'll definitely be wearing this a lot more come the Summer with more cropped tops but minus the tights and leather jacket (hopefully).

What are your plans for the weekend? Are you getting up to much? :)