Folksy Beige and Mini Southerndown Photo Diary

Blazer- Vintage// Top and Shoes- New Look// Jeans- River Island// Bag- Next// Necklace- Topshop

Last week my parents, my younger brother and I went down for a drive and a walk along the stunning Southerndown Beach in Ogmore. There's something very precious about spending quality time with your family amidst our busy schedules with work and university, it really was so beautiful being able to be in their company.
Just like everyone else, I am head over heels in love with the 70's trend and who can blame us. This pretty, folksy New Look top is in fact my older sisters but I am forever pinching her clothes just because I can. Don't judge me. I love the continuous pattern of the motif and the flattering peplum shape too. The turquoise accents on the necklace compliments the whole 'folksy' feel of my outfit because a subtle addition of accessories really can add that finishing touch to your whole outfit. I decided to throw my beige Vintage blazer on top because I love the relaxed, yet structured look that it evokes.
Note to self: wear more comfortable footwear the next time you go for a walk.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


Nostalgia and pressed flowers

Went for the loveliest of walks down the Taff Trail today. I picked some wildflowers to press in my book because I remember how much I used to enjoy doing that when I was young. There's something very beautiful about how the smallest things can fill you up with different emotions that are a mixture of nostalgia and contentment. 

Hope you're having a lovely day.

Ruth x

Baking Day

To be completely honest, I'm not entirely sure where my obsession with baking cakes has come from. I'm going to assume that it's come from watching my mum making beautiful creations in the kitchen from an early age but if you follow me on instagram (@kimkimipie) then I'm more than certain that I've bored you to death with my array of cakes, cookies and other calorie filled goodness that I've produced on a weekly basis.

After visiting Pettigrew Tea Rooms in Cardiff with a friend a few weeks ago, I engorged on their delicious slice of passion fruit, lime and coconut cake so I immediately searched for a recipe as soon as I got home. Alternatively, I was more drawn to this recipe of raspberry, lime and coconut cake from waitrose and I pretty much religiously followed their recipe step by step so feel free to have a mooch on their page if you want to bake this beautiful cake.

Ruth x


Shirt- Gap// Trousers- River Island// Shoes- Boohoo// Bag- Next

From a young age, I have always had an affinity for films in different genres that range from film noir, fantasy fiction to comedy (and everything else in between). As of late, I have noticed how I often translate how some of my favourite herions and protagonists dress into my everyday outfits. Now, don't get me wrong, it's always subconscious and I'm not stood there with my wardrobe open, literally pulling out every single item of clothing that I own that is reminiscent of Annie Hall's, for example. But I do appreciate how you can always find inspiration from anything and everything that you are surrounded by. I think that is the ultimate beauty of putting your outfits together; there is always a reason why you chose to wear that shirt that day, or that dress.

Although I love pretty dresses and playsuits, I have always been a big fan of men's wear and often find myself pinning the more androgynous outfits to my Pinterest boards. This denim shirt is the most comfortable denim shirt that I've ever worn, so it holds a special place in my heart. So teaming it with my beloved dogtooth trousers and metallic brogues makes the perfect outfit for a day of catch ups with my girls.


Boho Feels


Playsuit- Boohoo// Shoes- New Look// Bag- Vintage

I first saw this gorgeous playsuit from the boohoo sale a few months ago and instantly added it to my shopping bag. I fell in love with the 70's elements that it possesses through the floral motifs and the colour itself which just scream 'BOHO.' I know I'll be wearing this a lot more in the Summer. Hoorah!

Ruth x


A little collection of photos that I've taken recently around my house that I find inspiring and that genuinely fill me with a mixture of happiness and the yearn for Summer to officially arrive.