Complimentary Colours

Jacket- Lexxury// Jumper and Socks- Primark// Shirt and Boots- eBay// Trousers- River Island// Collar Chain- Gift

Having studied Textiles in University and other aspects of Art & Design since secondary school, I was always always taught about the importance of knowing the colour wheel and understanding which pantone shades compliment each other. Now, I don't usually spend THAT much time and concentrate too much on colour when I get dressed in the mornings, however I couldn't help but feel that I was a little too colourful when I chucked on this orange jacket on top of this royal blue jumper. Then I remembered what Ms James taught me about how gorgeous blue and orange look together during Art lessons in school and I didn't feel too bad leaving the house. Phew!

Hope you've had a good week. HAPPY FRIDAY.

Ruth x


  1. Oh yes! I love blue and orange together! Nice outfit, babe! <3



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  2. Complimentary block colours look great! What did you think of textiles at university? I'm planning on taking it at A-level and it'd be great to hear how you found it!
    lily x