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Well, hello there! To write, 'long time, no see' might be an understatement here because I think it's been around seven months since my last post. Yikes! So if you are reading this and you're still faithfully following this little blog of mine then, thank you. Let me explain the reasons behind me going AWOL. From August last year up to January of this year, I was working as a PR and Marketing Assistant for a designer children's company in Cardiff and alongside that, I was also working as a sales assistant in retail. So I was basically working 7 days a week which was a completely ridiculous and crazy thing to do, I know.
During those six months I could physically and mentally experience how the exhaustion was affecting not only my well-being but also my relationship with those closest to me. Now, I don't to get my violin out and start telling you a sob story, but it's only through reflection that I am now fully aware of how hard I was making myself work and actually how very stupid I was.
Blogging has always been something that I have enjoyed so as you can imagine, it was absolute torture for me to be putting it off for all those months. I just didn't have the time, energy or motivation so yes, I well and truly lost my blogging mojo but I'm so happy that I've regained that.
So I'm going to close this little post just to say 'hello' again and I'm so excited to be producing posts on a regular basis again. Just to say a massive THANK YOU to the gorgeous and talented Olivia for tarting up my blog for me. It truly means a lot.
Please tell me what you've been up to lately, guys? How's your week going? :)
Ruth x


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