More Outfits from the Past

Shirt- Vintage via Depop// Dungarees- Daisy Street via Asos

Oh so very 70's in a very subtle way. I like!

Denim Jacket- Vintage// Culottes- New Look// Bag- Charity Shop

Oversized anything is my most favourite. I spent the day in London with my sister, so I wanted to wear something super comfy and soft.

Top- H&M// Skirt- Zara

I've always been a big fan of clashing prints, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone by teaming stripes and leopard print together.
Top- Dorothy Perkins// Jumpsuit- Boohoo

I kind of felt like a school girl wearing this to then office, but monochrome will always have a special place in my heart.

Top- Boohoo// Trousers- Charity Shop

You know those days when you just have so many body hang ups, so you resort to hiding under baggy clothes? Yup! It was one of those days but I'm such a fan of these super comfy, wide legged trousers.

Shoes- Missguided// Topshop Mom Jeans

I always forget that I have these shoes. I really should show them more love.
Both Charity Shop bargains. Yes!

Hello baggy charity shop trousers! I really really am such a fan. The white shirt is quite oversized so I quickly tied the front to avoid looking like a walking sack (which I usually resemble on a daily basis).

Top- Boohoo// Belt- Charity Shop// Skirt- Topshop

A trip to the mumbles called for a subtle nautical element to be incorporated into my outfit, and of course this gorgeous wrap around skirt did just that.

Ruth x


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