Denim dress.

It's Friday, I've just finished uni and the sun is shining (ish). Just like most girls, I'm absolutely loving the denim dresses and pinafores that have been hitting the high street stores for a while now. I love how they flatter every size and shape, it's such a great casual look to throw on before uni lectures or just before having drinks with your friends. 
I picked up this dress from a charity shop for just £3. You can only imagine my delight when I found it, I love a good bargain especially when the item is on trend. The beautiful embroidery detail makes me want to add some feathered accessories into the outfit to really give the illusion of a Navajo inspired look. Feeling the Summers breeze brush up against your skin and seeing pretty feathers afloat and create silhouettes against the sunset. The delicate embroidery also really contrasts with the youthfulness of the dress as the cut, length and texture really makes that little bit more exited for the Summer to finally arrive.

Dress- £3- Charity Shop
Collar Chain- £2- Primark
Brogues- £13- Primark


  1. That dress is adorable! I really like this post

  2. Love the detailing at the bottom of your dress! So pretty <3

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  4. I love this dress! Really suits you too!

  5. That dress is the best charity shop purchase ever, I love the embroidery. It is stunning, I particularly like the birds on the back! Great find!

    Em x

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  7. Love the detail on this dress! I'm new to blogger so would love any feedback or tips on my blog See Style Space! x