Dress- Primark// Sandals- New Look// Bag- Charity Shop

I spent the day in Longleat Safari Park with my boyfriend and my lovely friends Cari and Nam. Double date ahoy! We all felt like big kids there, we had so much fun walking around and exploring the different species of animals that were kept there. If you've ever been or are thinking of going then I'd highly recommend the bus and boat tours but more of that to come on my next post :)
Again, the weather today was absolutely boiling. I'm glad I opted for this grey Primark dress in favour of my first choice of jeans and a baggy jumper (crazy, I know). I bought this dress during my second year in Uni and love it's versatility and simplicity- the colour, cut, length etc the list goes on and on.

Hope you've had a lovely day :)

Ruth x


  1. Gorgeous simple outfit, your hair is AMAZING!
    And that wall is so awesome, aha x

  2. I love the outfit and i'm sure you can wear it to lots of events. I'd also love to have a feature wall in my room with wallpaper like that!