All Seeing Eye

Dress- H&M// Necklace- Miss Selfridge// Jelly Sandals- ASOS

As I've previously mentioned here, I have so much love for the use of eye motifs in clothing at the moment. Thanks, Kenzo! I had actually forgotten about this creepy little necklace that I got from the sales last year. If you've been reading my blog then you'll know that I'm all about statement accessories, but I just love this little number.
Today has been dramatically colder than yesterday. I'm actually sat here hugging two hot water bottles and chugging down a generously large mug of green tea with honey. Too cold and to think that it's going to get colder. *Shudders.* Speaking of which, I seriously need to start digging out my A/W gear in preparation to battle those freezing, bleak Winter days. It's quite hard to believe that Winter is my favourite season after that mini rant. (Just ignore it).

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. Best of luck for this week in whatever you'll be doing :)

Ruth x


  1. Love that dress!

  2. I love quirky jewellery! Something like that is always an ice-breaker with strangers, i love it! x

  3. Your dress is so pretty and it looks great on you! Love your necklace too, it's so neat!

  4. I love your dress, so so pretty. & that necklace is too cool!

  5. Lovely white dress, and your necklace is really cute! :) ♥