Farewell 2013. My December Favourites

What better way to end the year than to base my last post on my monthly favourites. So here are the things that I enjoyed the most during December. HAPPY NEW YEAR. What are your plans for tonight? Hope you have a good one.

Ruth x

Coconut & Sweet Almond Shampoo- Superdrug// I once read that you should invest more time and money into a good conditioner rather than a shampoo, so I didn't feel too sorry for my hair when I picked up this Coconut and Sweet Almond shampoo from Superdrug for just 98p. I'll be honest, it's probably one of the sweetest smelling shampoos I've used in a long time but it leaves my hair feeling super soft which is a bonus.

Banana Conditioner- The Body Shop// My lovely sister gifted me this conditioner for my birthday and I'm not sure how I survived without it before. Not only does it smell incredibly delicious but I've found that my hair feels a lot stronger and healthier after I leave it in for about 5 minutes. I'd definitely recommend this.

Strawberry Shower Gel- The Body Shop// How can you not love anything that smells like strawberries?
Schwarzkopf Beach Matt Spray- Boots// During my GCSE days, I discovered back combing and have damaged my hair all in the name of having big, messy hair. I'd previously used Bumble & Bumble's salt hair spray and loved that effortless, tousled look that it gave and I'm happy to say that this Schwarzkopf number is as good as the Bumble & Bumble sprays. I usually leave it in my hair when it's about 80% dry and then I give it a little blow dry and just simply run my fingers through my hair. That's all.

No Drought Dry Shampoo- Lush// I remember using my talc powders to get rid of greasy patches on my hair before the aerosol dry shampoos came out. I feel like I'm going back in time by using this but you know you're not going to be disappointed when it's a Lush product. I'll be honest, it does get messy and I'd recommend that you use it before getting changed but the results are so much more better than the aerosol dry shampoos. They leave a more matte texture and you genuinely feel like you've just washed your hair. Trust me.
Nutmeg Hand Lotion- Marks & Spencer// The harsh Winter temperature means that my hands are left forever dry so I always need a hand lotion in my bag. The mixture of nutmeg and ginger smell absolutely divine and feel my hands feeling moisturised and healthy.

Winter Wonderland Candle- Yankee Candle// What's the Christmas season without a festive candle? This little number from Yankee Candle smells absolutely divine. There's a prominent musky scent with some hints of citrus, I know it sounds odd but it works.

Super Length Mascara- H&M// I've never really committed to a brand when it comes to make up. I actually noticed this when I was applying my face on earlier and I've got a mixture of Rimmel, MUA, Collection and Maybelline products and I'm always open to trying different brands. I found this mascara in the H&M sale for just £1 and I am so so impressed with it. I have ridiculously short lashes so maybe this is why I've never invested too much time when looking and buying mascaras. 

Lip Balm- Carmex// I have the most terrible habit of picking my chapped lips which sends Jay crazy and leaves me with sore and bloody lips. I'd always heard people rave on about Carmex products and I can understand why now. My lips feel so much softer and at just £2, I may need to stock up on more Carmex products.

Nail Polish- W7 and Rimmel// Again, what's the Christmas period without some festive nail polishes? You've got to love metallic nails and I can't resist a classic, stunning red colour on my nails. 

iPad Air- Apple// My ever so thoughtful boyfriend gave me this iPad air for my birthday last month and I genuinely haven't been able to part from it. I'm obsessed!

Netflix- I'd used LoveFilm about a year ago and although I was impressed with the variety of films that they had, the only downside was that a lot of the films had to be rented. Whereas with Netflix you can instantly stream them hence why I've already watched twenty features since signing up at the end of November. Talk about taking advantage of the free month trial, eh?

Orange Is The New Black- After 'Breaking Bad' finished this year, I kept looking for new shows to watch and after hearing positive reviews about 'Orange is The New Black' I decided to give it a go and I don't regret the decision. It's a pretty easy watch and 'Breaking Bad' and 'The Sopranos' still remain to be two of the best TV shows that I have ever watched but with season two coming out in the new year, I hope that 'Orange is the new black' will soon become another favourite of mine.


  1. I keep meaning to pick up that banana conditioner! Brilliant reviews! I finished orange Is the new black new season is out soon plus new season of girls yey! Happy new year x

  2. Great pics! :) love yankee candles! I have just found them where I live and I could not be more excited!! How does netflix work? is it similar to itunes? :)


  3. Wow loving all your favourties especially no drought I have been using this for months and it works great smells really uplifting too so perfect for early mornings! :D I also love your body shop picks I just recently shopped the massive sale online :P got so much stuff xx

    Happy New Year :) xx


  4. Love the Rimmel nail polish! :) Oh and is Orange Is The New Black really good? Looks interesting, I might watch it too! :) Happy New Year! Xo

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