Festive Wishlist

L-R Plate- £3.99- H&M// Candle Holders- £55- Samantha J Lowe// Hand Cream- £9.89- Quintessentially English// Dress-£92- Topshop// Boots- £35- H&M// Rings- Regal Rose// Lip Scrub- £6.09- Lush//

L-R Nail Polish- £1.71- Forever 21// Lip Balm- £5.99- Eos// Jumper- £37- Topshop// Candle Holder- £78- Jonathan Adler// Surf Spray- £15- Bumble and Bumble// Leather Skirt- £80- Oasis// Rings Set- £28- Sweet Romance// T-Bar Shoes- £94- Dr Martens// 

Ahh wishlists, I love making them but always get a tad depressed when I have to accept that I'll probably never own some of these lovely things. So, Jay, if you're reading this wink wink nudge nudge.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I did more of my Christmas shopping earlier and I'm slowly but surely getting there. Have you finished yours? :) This internship is making me exhausted so again, apologies for the lack of posts. Please send me your links below and I'll have a mooch.

Ruth x


  1. Ah the dress is gorgeous!! I've finished my Christmas shopping and wrapped it all! How organised am I ha


  2. I love the raccoon plate! I like anthropomorphic type things. :) super cute and very festive wishlist!

  3. Such lovely wishlists! Always adding to mine, the plate and glasses are cute!

    1. Aww they are candle holders even cuter x