January Favourites

This is appalling, it's the 6th of February tomorrow and I'm only getting around to compiling my most favourite things from last month. I can't apologise enough for my lack of posts and my lack of presence on blogs in general.I do, however, post a little too frequently on my instagram so feel free to have a mooch and give me a cheeky follow (that's if you want to, of course) I'm over at @kimkimipie. Be nice to see some of you on another platform. As you know, I started a Fashion Internship in London from the end of November that lasts for three months which means that I'll be finishing at the end of this month. Crazy how fast time flies, eh? A little scary too as it means that I'll be moving back to Cardiff and will need to find a job and/or a career. Phew!
Anyway, enough of that. Here are some of the most loveliest things that I enjoyed last month!

Candles (in general)- Maybe it's got something to do with the fact that one of my friend works in a Yankee Candle store which leads to my instagram and Facebook feeds to be cluttered with pictures of these delicious smelling candles, but for a few months I think I've been converted as I actually struggle to go a day without having a candle lit in the background. Yeah, I know. I'm weird.

Bumble and Bumble// Thickening Hairspray- I've featured this in one of my monthly favourites before but I've used it all up now. Not only does it smell gorgeous it also makes your hair look and feel gorgeous too. Winning.

Lush// Dirty Body Spray- Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this spray was designed for men? I accidentally came across this when I was still a student in Birmingham and I was having a mooch around their Lush store in between lectures. We've established that I'm pretty weird (and my boyfriend will agree) but when I'm in a perfume shop or a department store and come across lots and lots of perfume, I always feel the need to try on every single one that I can get my hands on. This is probably why I end up smelling sweeter than marzipan and often get swarmed with wasps once I step outside. So that explains why I randomly tried on the 'dirty spray' but managed to fall in love with the fragrance that managed to linger on for hours and hours. Honestly, try it. You won't be disappointed.

The Body Shop// Banana Conditioner- It leaves your hair smelling like bananas. Need I say more?

Lush// No Drought Dry Shampoo- I've had a fringe for about six months ish (I think) and although I can no longer imagine life without it, it does get greasy annoyingly quickly. Don't get me wrong, I often fidget and play with it whilst I'm on the tube or what not, so I am partly to blame for it gathering grease quickly (sounds wrong, doesn't it?) but I sprinkle some of this magic powder on top of my fringe in the mornings and I look acceptable to leave my bedroom. 

Topshop// Silver Shoes- God bless the January Sales. I snapped up these little beauties for just £15 plus a further £1.50 off thanks to my brothers NUS wink wink/ They're just so pretty and shiny. I've worn these in an outfit post and mentioned how I instantly fell in love when Ryan Hahn from Local Natives wore some metallic Doc Martens when I saw them back in October. Such a trendsetter.

Boots// Top- New Look// Bottom- eBay- Can you tell that I like my cut out boots, yeah? Again, we have to take some time to bless the Jan sales for they have been good to thee. I snapped up these New Look beauties for just £8 and was immediately drawn to their more unusual cut out designs.
The ebay boots were just £11.50 and am so so in love with them and feel that I've most definitely worn my moneys worth. Yes, all £11.50 worth. They're so comfortable and they add some much extra needed height so I can't complain.

Little White Lies Magazine// Issue 51- I'd heard about this magazine for a while and had visited their home page often in order to keep up with the latest film releases and reviews. The magazine is often called the 'world's most beautiful film magazine' and you can certainly see why. Each page is filled with the most amazing illustrations that each illustrator leaves their unique style on. Last week I was lucky enough to be able to attend 'One Night Only: A Coen Brothers Gig Poster Exhibition' where some of the most celebrated and iconic films directed by the super talented siblings were transformed into silk screen posters. They were breathtaking, I took some pictures of the posters and posted them on my instagram if you'd like to have a look or just click here. This is my first issue and after starting a subscription, I'm super excited for the next issue.

Cinema Visits// 12 Years a Slave & The Wolf of Wall Street- Last month I went back to Cardiff for the weekend and payed the cinema two visits with Jay; yes, we are crackers. Just from this post or if you follow me on instagram, then you've most probably gathered that I love films. Films are the first love of my life and I will always continue to have so much passion for them.
Both films have been huge successes at the box office and favourited by many critics (Mark Kermode, anyone?) so I knew that I'd definitely appreciate both features even if I didn't necessarily enjoy the stories itself. Plus, McQueen and Scorsese can do no wrong in my eyes so I didn't mind visiting the cinema twice in under 24 hours. Phew!

Tesco//Green and White Tea - I've said this once and I'll say it again: I LOVE GREEN TEA! Yep, still drinking 5+ cups a day. I decided to try some white tea too and it's surprisingly tasty. It's got a very mellow and subtle taste so I think I'll be drinking lots more of it too.

Pretzels Sour Cream & Chive- I discovered these little drops of heaven a fortnight ago and haven't turned back. They are delicious and at only £1 for a bag at Tesco, what's stopping you? Hmm!

H&M// Necklace- A monthly favourites post would not be complete without the mentioning of some sort of jewellery or accessory. I got this H&M beetle necklace about a year ago and just love it's timelessness and how it completes and adds that lovely touch to any of my outfits. Hooray.

If you've actually read all of this post and forgiven me rambling on and on then I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you're all having a lovely week so far and that the hideous weather or annoying tube strikes aren't ruining it. Send me links to your blogs, I always love catching up with you all.

Ruth x

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