Dungarees- Miss Selfridge// Shirt- Forever 21// Blazer- H&M// Bag- Next// Brogues- Primark// Necklace- Shop Dixi

Officially kicking off Spring with my dungarees. I've had them for over 3 years and can never actually part from them whenever I try to list them on eBay. There's just something about owning a classic, denim dungarees that somehow makes my life complete. Similarly to my last post, I just can't get enough of pairing anything denim with anything white, there's just something so fresh and happy about those two formulas. Are there two types of colours or trends that you always team together to achieve that effortless look as well?

Also, I picked up this gorgeous little horse shoe necklace for just £1 in the Shop Dixi sale and I can't take it off. It's so delicate and simple, yet it just compliments everything that I wear and gives it that finishing touch nicely. This time last year I was all about the statement necklaces (you know the ones I'm talking about) but now, I can't ever imagine wearing a necklace that hasn't got a simple, sweet pendant. How times have changed, eh?

Hope you've had a fantastic weekend.

Ruth :) x


  1. Such an awesome look!


  2. Love the dungarees, you look so cute! xx


  3. I've been pondering about getting a pair of denim dungarees or a pinafore denim dress but I don't think I'll be able to pull it off. After seeing this post, however, I really want to give it a go! This is a really cute outfit! x