Bardot Top- Miss Selfridge// Skirt- New Look// Bag- Next

These pictures were taken by my lovely mumma when we went for a stroll down the Taff Trail which is beautifully situated near where I live in Cardiff. Since this discovery, I've started paying more visits to go for morning and evening runs. I've always enjoyed running and discovered my love for it in primary school where I used to partake in cross country and I was even a member of the relay team in athletics. Between you and me, I started to lose focus once I started comprehensive school and only really started running again just over a year ago or so but because I constantly have so many body hang ups (what girl doesn't?), I would always avoid running outside because of the fear of being mocked by the general public. It sounds pretty ridiculous just reading this back to myself but if you have ever been in my shoes then I'm sure you can relate to a certain extent. I'm just glad that I've finally plucked up the courage and confidence to put on my lycras, running shoes, get off the treadmill and actually run outside to take in the beautiful sights, greet every other runner that I encounter along the way and mime along to my spotify playlist that features an array of artists that range from Dexys, The Strokes, Chvrches to Britney. Pretty random, eh?

I'm hoping to keep progressing and I'd absolutely love to enter a marathon at some point. Maybe I could start working towards this, right? Let me know if you go running, whether it's avidly or just for fun. I'd love to know :)

Ruth x


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