Pinafore and Shirt- Boohoo// Bag- Vintage// Shoes- New Look// Earrings- Primark

Ever since I found my love for Textiles and Fashion from my GCSE days in school, a recurring theme that I often based my projects on was 'culture' as it's broad nature generated endless possibilities of exploration and interpretations that always guaranteed the most beautiful of outcomes. In particular, I've always loved tribal prints and fabrics, so my heart was instantly set in a flutter when I found this gorgeous pinafore on boohoo. The mixture of the ember palette and the highlighted turquoise with triangular motifs is very much reminiscent of some of the rich and beautiful African inspired fabrics that I used to work with and this little number is such a statement piece in my Summer wardrobe.

Is there a style from a certain Culture that really captures your imagination as well? :) Hope you're having a great weekend!

Ruth x

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  1. I love this pinafore! The print and colours are so lovely.
    Great outfit!!