Baking Day

To be completely honest, I'm not entirely sure where my obsession with baking cakes has come from. I'm going to assume that it's come from watching my mum making beautiful creations in the kitchen from an early age but if you follow me on instagram (@kimkimipie) then I'm more than certain that I've bored you to death with my array of cakes, cookies and other calorie filled goodness that I've produced on a weekly basis.

After visiting Pettigrew Tea Rooms in Cardiff with a friend a few weeks ago, I engorged on their delicious slice of passion fruit, lime and coconut cake so I immediately searched for a recipe as soon as I got home. Alternatively, I was more drawn to this recipe of raspberry, lime and coconut cake from waitrose and I pretty much religiously followed their recipe step by step so feel free to have a mooch on their page if you want to bake this beautiful cake.

Ruth x


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