I'm still here

Jumper- Boohoo// Skirt and Rings- H&M // Bag- Next

These pictures were kindly taken by my sister about a month ago. I had every intention of uploading them as soon as they were taken but I refrained. I don't actually know why. I often find that I lose my blogging 'mojo' and can't quite figure out exactly why this may be. However, I am so determined to fully get back into it because I can recall of how happy it once made me feel. I know that sounds a little dramatic and overwhelming but for a long period of time, blogging was an escapism for me. It was a platform for me to share my interests and inspirations. It was my little world where the number of hits that I got on each post, or how many followers that I garnered were so irrelevant because my love for it was a lot more meaningful than that. I know that I'll get back into it, eventually. I don't want my blog to be predominantly based around fashion anymore and want to transform it into a platform where I can share my other interests and my journey in faith as well. Even if the contents are unrelatable for the majority of people who'll stumble across my posts, I'll find comfort in their authenticity and in the hope that it will be relevant to a few people. I think that's what matters the most.

Just to conclude, I thought I'd talk a little about this outfit as it's one of my favourites to wear over the Summer. Monochrome is one of my go to trends mainly because of its timeless and effortless qualities. I love the instant flirty twist that an off the shoulder top adds to an outfit and I've found that I'm more drawn to Bardot tops and anything quite loose fitting around the neck for this season, especially. The best part is knowing that this style can make the transition from Summer to Autumn and I've got aplenty of them folded neatly in my wardrobe. Hurrah! 

Ruth x


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