Violet and Mustard


Shirt and Brooch- Vintage// Skirt- Boohoo// Bag- Next// Midi Rings- H&M

Went down Cosmeston Lake in Penarth with my younger brother and my parents last week. Through the picture's it's difficult to testify the beauty and vastness of the lake and it's surroundings, but I have always appreciated being around nature and taking in every little sound, texture and scent.
What made that day so meaningful for me was the simplicity of going for a walk to connect with nature and spending time with my family to catch up and to just really enjoy each other's company. Bliss!

I've always had an affinity for thrifting and I appreciate the history behind vintage clothing and accessories. Both my shirt and brooch are thrifted and I love mixing them up with current pieces from the high street and from online as well.

Ruth x

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