Photo Diary

A mini photo diary to show you what I've been up to these past few months. All photos taken on my iPhone 5C. Follow me on instagram (@kimkimipie) for more pictures of sunsets, street art, independent cafe's around the South Wales area and photos of my baked goods complete with strategically placed plant pots. HAPPY SUNDAY!


Ruth x

From top left and then working clockwise: My life has not been the same since The Cave 2015, finding beauty in everything during an evening run, inspired by the wall in Artigiano, first time trying flowering tea in Barker's (and it was delicious).
I really enjoyed Last Exit To Brooklyn, discovering the beautiful photographs exhibited downstairs Little Man Coffee with Catherine, capturing sunsets during my commute home from work, Street Food Circus with Adam and Maunders.
I want to live in Wahaca, about to devour the tastiest butternut squash salad in Chapter, the most beautiful abstract street art in Cardiff (which later got vandalised. So disrespectful), I absolutely fell in love with Madison Spencer.
I shamelessly retraced my footsteps just to take a snap of these beautiful blooms, chasing sunsets during an evening stroll down The Taff Trail, the gorgeous wall paper stairs in Annie and Co vintage,  picked up the most beautiful plant and vintage shirt from my local charity shop.
More artwork around Cardiff, in awe of the beautiful architecture over drinks with Kirky, the neatest arrangement of jam jars and bottles at Bill's, Steve Zissou mural in UO.
Exploring charity and vintage shops with my younger brother, being introduced to the Castle Emporium (and falling in love with everything), he didn't know that I was taking this picture, the decor in The Bunkhouse gladdens my heart.
Audrey Hepburn artwork in Swansea, the upstairs of Mosiac is where I'd like to spend my evenings in, catching up with Jay after his travels around Asia in Coast, I still need to have a drink in Flickering Light.


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