(A picture of a sunset to make you think of something poignant)

This year, I've vowed to dedicate my time to exploring the art of altruism. I'm fascinated with people. Strangers to be exact. 'Sonder' is one of my favourite obscure words and it's definitely in my top 5 favourite words of all time (yes, I have a list). There's something so poignant about that word that makes me want to curl up in bed. It makes me want to analyse the most intricate and insignificant sequences of events that have ever occurred during my lifetime. So insignificant that it's lead me to write this post at 22:19 on a Tuesday night, slumped over the kitchen table (my ginger and lemon tea has gone cold but I'm still going to drink it). 

I don't even know where this post is going. I never really do whenever I have the sudden urge to write these posts. Oh yeah, being an altruist. So instead of just being in awe of the complexities of other people's lives, I'm vowing to learn something from every encounter that I have. One of the most prominent realisations that I've had is the importance of listening to what people have to say. Too often I have conversed with people simply to reply. Not to learn, but to reply. How obnoxious is that? 

I'm forever neglecting this blog but through my vision of posting recorded conversations with friends, I know that this little corner of the internet will start inspiring me again. I truly believe that we can all learn something from someone. I could be that 'someone' for you, and you could be that 'someone' for me, but just having the wisdom of embracing a selfless nature and wanting to listen to what other people have to say is a beautiful thing (I think).



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