Outfits from the past part 7

Oh hey, hi, hello! My name's Ruth and I have a hideous habit of neglecting this blog. I used to absolutely love this wee corner of the internet and I'm so determined to get back into blogging as regularly as I used to (at an organic pace, of course). My last post went live back in October 2016. Oh dear! As always, I'm vowing to post something at least twice a month from now. You. Can. Do. This. Ruth.

Anyway, here are some outfit shots from the end of 2016 and early this year. Enjoy!
(Note: I'm really really not a fan of my legs hence why most of my pictures kinda stop mid thigh, or not at all. You with me?)

Earrings- Dorothy Perkins// Tunic- Charity Shop

I love a good little trip to my favourite charity shop in Cardiff and this beautiful tunic is one of the best things to ever happen to my wardrobe. No doubt that I'll be getting more wear of it once Spring arrives.

Jacket- Missguided// Jumper- H&M// Trousers- New Look// Belt and Bag- Charity Shop 

Ignore those wee rolls on my arms, I'm just very short limbed (notice how my sleeves are turned up?). 

 Dress and Jacket- Boohoo

Again, check out 'dem rolls! I love leopard print. My best friend and sister both loathe it, but they're both wrong. I've been avidly looking for a super tacky, faux fur, knee length, Pat Butcher style leopard print coat but I just can't find one that I've fallen head over heels in love with...yet.

Top- New Look// Skirt- Asos

This gold skirt only makes any appearance over Christmas but it is one of the most beautiful pieces I own. I love pairing it with slouchier tops such as the one I'm wearing as the contrast dresses it down.

 Top- Vintage via depop

Gold + Vintage= Dream Blouse

Jacket- Missguided// Jumper- New Look// Skirt- Zara (similar here)// Bag- Charity Shop

I take it back, THIS skirt is the best thing to ever happen to my wardrobe. It is so beautiful and super flattering. I wanted the skirt to do all the talking so I stuck to neutral tones.

 Cardigan and Belt- Charity Shop// Top and Jeans- New Look// Bag- Next

I'm most confident when I'm dressed head to toe in black. I love the mixture of textures.

 Jumper- Primark

I'm trying to inject more colour into my wardrobe so I went all out and matched my lips to my jumper.

Cardigan and Belt- Charity Shop// Jumper- Gap// Jeans- Topshop

I buy some of my favourite pieces from that wee charity shop down the road. This teddy bear coat is so so comfortable and I usually wear it on days where I want to take my hot water bottle(s) to work with me.

Ruth x

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