Past few months photo diary

Happy Sunday. It's been a while since I last compiled a little photo diary of the past few months, so here you go. I have more photos to come...

Roses in full bloom in Roath Park | Chrysalism (read: it was only a bit of wind and rain, but I like being dramatic) | Hemingway and vitamin water | Barker Tea House

Apple cake made with apples fresh from the garden | Ceramics exhibition | Pressed flowers and pebbles | Intergalactic bath bomb 
Autumn leaves in Bute Park | Waiting for my friends to get their piercings | A walk up to Castell Coch | Glorious sunset 
Avobath | Snippet of my room | Beautiful street art in Cathays (I still maintain that the guy is Sir Ian McKellen | I paid 70p for Lolita in my local charity shop.

Ruth X


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