Miss Patisserie Event

This post is a little delayed due to my agreement of doing overtime in work (the joys of retail over Christmas, eh?) but I'm currently snuggled up in my PJ's, accompanied with a big mug of green tea and the sound of the wonderful Kaki King is drowning out the wind and rain so I'm basically in my element. Oh, and I've forgotten to mention that I have three days off to recharge and spend some me time before I'm back working crazy hours, so I'm also feeling content.

One of my favourite ways to unwind after a long day is to simply run a hot bath either with lots of bubbles or with a bath bomb/melt, grab a good book and just soak in the goodness of the moment. It really is the little things in life that can subconsciously accumulate into something far more blissful and meaningful.

Last weekend, I attended the Miss Patisserie blogger event in the company's first store which is located in the High Street Arcade. The company was born in 2009 when founder, Charlotte Ridgwell, was recovering from a leg injury which lead her to start experimenting in creating bath bombs in different colours, shapes and sizes after purchasing a 'Make it Yourself' bath bomb kit by chance. Serendipity is such a beautiful thing, isn't it?

I've always had a penchant for supporting local businesses, not only because of the ethical approach, but because of the personal touches that are evident in the products that they have so beautifully created for their customers. This is mainly why I was so drawn to Miss Patisserie, as all of their products are produced from natural ingredients that greatly benefit the mind and body as well as the skin.

The store itself is aesthetically pleasing with a quaint, minimal and chic look along with gorgeous bursts of green plants that effortlessly weave in the charm of the products that are all hand made here in Cardiff.  

If, like myself, you haven't finished (read: started) your Christmas shopping and you're after some excellent quality, lovingly handmade skin care products for your loved ones (or for yourself) then I honestly couldn't recommend Miss Patisserie enough. Plus, you receive free shipping on orders over £30 so what's stopping you, eh?

I just wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to the ever so lovely Charlotte and Jorge for inviting me to the event, for their time and consideration that they put into every person that attended and also for welcoming me into the world of Miss Patisserie with such kindness. I can't wait to pay you another visit very soon.

I'm now off to down what's left of my green tea and jump in the bath which is basically how to start your three day weekend off in style.

Ruth x


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