A Wee Edinburgh Photo Diary

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been a little quiet on here lately it’s because I travelled up to Edinburgh with Jay for a few days and had a little adventure up there. The trip was a part of his 21st birthday present from me and as his super talented brother wrote and starred in a play that was being showcased at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to take him.


We decided to order a pizza the minute we arrived in Edinburgh. We ordered from La Favorita and with the pizza came the lightest salad with the perfect dressing and the most tastiest banoffee pie I've ever had.

The craziest vintage store that I have encountered, ever! Small on the outside but indeed very big inside- how deceiving. I could have spent the whole day in there, just so much to look at and lust over. Feel free to check them out online here. You won't regret it, honestly :)

Stopped at Spoon to grab some breakfast. What excites me the most about travelling, whether it's to different cities around the UK or abroad, is the food and the cafes and restaurants. Having a creative background has definitely made me appreciate the different interiors and different colour schemes that every eatery place uses.
Jay had a fry up whilst I opted for the healthier option of porridge oats and strawberry jam. We also tried haggis for the very first time at Spoon.Very tasty!

 Edinburgh Castle is very beautiful but we just couldn't afford to pay £16 each to go inside :(

 It was both our first time going to the Fringe Festival and we both enjoyed the experience so much, if only we had longer up there (I just couldn’t afford another night. Boo!) If you’ve been there before then you’ll agree with me when I say that there is just so so much to do and see. Edinburgh is such a vibrant and exciting city where you’re welcomed on to each street with a sweet café compact with the most quirky and prettiest interior designs.
In the two and a half ish days that we were there, we managed to squeeze in 5 different shows (how I'll never know).  I loved how the shows were all so different from one another and it's pretty hard to choose a favourite. Here's a list of the shows that we went to see just in case you're wondering:
Don't Disturb The Driver 
Suman Biswas- Amateur Transplants  
Doctor Brown 
The Trench 

This post wouldn’t be complete without my classic moan about the weather, har har. I was a little unsure of what footwear to pack but in the end I went for my beloved JuJu jelly sandals from asos, and although it did rain a little, they’re so comfortable and I managed to trek and climb all the way up to Arthur’s Stone without any blisters. Hooray! If you’re thinking of visiting Edinburgh then I’d definitely recommend going up to see Arthur’s Stone, the climb and walk is bearable and I’m so thankful that my boyfriend is a mini Bear Grylls haha. The 360 view of Edinburgh that you can take in from the top is absolutely breath-taking and almost surreal; I mean a mountain in the middle of the city. Now that’s something you don’t see every day, right?

 As recommended by Tom, Jay's older brother, we tried the parsnip, haggis and potato pie from Pie Maker. Yep, you've guessed it- we were not disappointed.

We got back late last night and we've already decided to go back next year and stay for longer. Now to catch up on Breaking Bad.
Hope you've all had a lovely week and weekend.

Ruth x


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