Shirt- Charity Shop// Trousers- Primark// Shoes- Primark

Hello lovely people! How have you been? I hope you're feeling a lot better than I am, I've managed to catch a cold and I'm currently sat here snuggled up in my robe with a mug of green tea. Yep, I'm feeling so so sorry for myself right now. Looking at these pictures that were taken during the Kut* in London, makes me wonder how I managed to catch this hideous cold when the weather was so bliss and my limbs were coated in fabric. Too odd!

Anyway, enough of that! As you may know, I'm all about mixing and clashing patterns as of late but there is nothing that I love more than a simple, plain, white shirt. To think that I used to HATE buttoning them up at 7 AM every morning during my school days.

Hope you're having a great week! :)

Ruth x

*Kut is basically a Cultural Festival where Mizo people get together!


  1. Oh nooo! I hope your cold passes quickly. Yep, green tea will definitely do the trick! Add a bowl of yummy oatmeal and that'll help too, maybe. :D

    You're looking super cute in your printed skinnies and I looove the location for these photos! Seriously, the exterior of that building is so neat.

  2. Get well son dear. I love the way you paired your shirt with a floral pants! Love it. :) I followed you via GFC. Come see my blog and maybe follow me, too? See you in my blog. :)

    Visit my blog: I am Jenniya

  3. you look so pretty dear!
    Nice blog<3


  4. The leggings are so chic! :)xx


  5. You look beautifull ! :)


  6. Hope you start feeling better soon, I'm loving your patterned pants :)

  7. Love the trousers paired with the shoes. A nice chilled outfit!

    Jenna http://www.jennanicholls.blogspot.co.uk/