November Favourites

Hey guys, long time no see. Last Saturday I moved to London as I'm currently doing a three month internship. So apologies for the lack of posts, I'm out of the house by 8 in the morning and back home around half 7 in the evening so I'm always exhausted to do anything. I promise to blog whenever I can though. So here are my favourites from November.

 Twinings- Green Tea- I cannot live without green tea. I have to have at least five cups of it a day.

Neutrogena- Oil free facial wash- I use this first thing in the morning and it's guaranteed to make me feel fresher and ready for the day. I have the most horribly oily skin so this is basically my saviour.

Soap and Glory- Peaches & Clean deep cleansing milk- Falling asleep with a face full of make up is just the worst, I know we're all guilty of it, unfortunately. This little miracle cleansing milk makes your skin feel super soft and clean. I usually use it after I've removed all of my make up because it really does get rid of those last little traces. Highly recommend it.

Regal Rose- Raven Skull collar chain- I was gifted this gorgeous collar chain from Regal Rose after I worked with them at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham last December. I can honestly say that they are my most favourite piece of jewellery that I own. They always complete any outfit that I wear (that have collars, of course) and the compliments keep coming in whenever I have them on. 

Knitwear- L-R George at Asda, Primark, Gift, H&M- What excites me the most about Winter (other than the fact that my birthday is in it) are the clothes. I am a big fan of layering and digging out my most loved knitwear to help me fight the harsh weather. These four have been my favourites for November, they're just so snug and cute.

Jelly Belly candle in Very Cherry- There's something very comforting and nostalgic about burning candles and snuggling up with a hot water bottle and a good book in the Winter. This 'very cherry' scent is pretty sweet but not much that it becomes sickly- it's just about right.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

Ruth x

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  1. Ahh so jealous you're in London!!!! Lucky thing. I love green tea too I think I'd have withdrawal symptoms without it!