Drowning in my clothes

Dress (tucked into skirt)- River Island// Skirt- ASOS via eBay// Jacket and Necklace- H&M// Shoes- New Look// Bag- Next

My much dreaded alarm went off at 6 am and after battering my snooze button, I only had about twenty minutes to eat breakfast, put my make up on and put together an outfit. Seems pretty impossible but I somehow managed to do it. Phew! Although, I did put my mascara on in the car hence the slight smudges that you can see in the picture above haha.

Anyway, I hope you like what I've literally thrown together. I love this dress that I've tucked into my skirt. The gorgeous Japanese inspired print instantly caught my attention, and you can't really tell from the pictures but they almost look like the loveliest and most delicate water painting.

At just 5"2, I used to avoid any dresses or skirts that stopped below my knees in the fear of them drowning me. However, I've recently started to quite like that 'drowned by her clothes' look. Call me crazy but I'll continue to wear long skirts until you can no longer see my feet.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

Ruth x


  1. Yay for short girls! I think I am 5ft1 (maybe I am only 5ft but I like to add that extra inch!) so I tend to avoid maxi or midi skirts too but when I start wearing them in the summer, I feel comfortable enough to wear them time and time again. I like that you can hide your feet under maxi skirts, and wear high heels or boots, and trick people in to thinking you're tall! I am forever wishing for longer legs (I'll have a pair for christmas, pleeaaaasssse!) x

  2. I was the same too - I'm only 5"4 and a half (the half counts ha!!!!) so I used to be so scared of midi dresses and skirts but I love them now! You look lovely you really suit the mid length!!! Looking gorggg!!!


  3. Gorgeous outfit, that skirt looks great on you!!!
    And I love the colour you have injected with your lovely floral top.



  4. I know this is an outfit post... but your hair is amazing! :)



  5. You look so pretty! Beautiful look too, that skirt looks great on you and I love the print of your shirt!

  6. you look amazing!


  7. You're so pretty! I absolutely love your outfit, so stylish and so well put together! Wish I could put an outfit together, eat breakfast, do my make-up and be ready to take pictures in 20 minutes.x I'm short as well and I was always avoiding maxi skirts and dresses but I just bought my first one last year and I keep buying more and more! They are so comfy and relaxed.. and I think it looks gorgeous on you:) Gorgeous dress/top as well!x

  8. Love your outfit, so stylish. I feel you there, but that won't stop us to wear maxi skirts or long dresses :)

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