Still Drowning

Gilet- Topshop// Necklace- H&M// Shirt, Skirt & Shoes- eBay

Now, I don't know if it's just me, but I'm really not feeling the cold. Everyone around me keeps going on about how the temperatures have dropped and they're literally throwing on the layers, but I'm just not cold. I think there's either something wrong with me or it could be that the two batches of brownies that I've just made (and am in the process of demolishing) are helping form a nice layer of fat to block out the nasty cold. I don't know, either way- I'm warm.

On to this outfit, I know it looks pretty Summery especially with the floaty, floral maxi skirt but I just love the neutral tones in the outfit. In my last outfit post, I gushed about how I love clothes that drown me despite my petite frame, however I tripped over this skirt whilst walking up the stairs earlier. So I think it's safe to say that heels 4 inches and over will be a necessity whenever I wear anything maxi from now on.

Hope you're having a lovely week. Friday tomorrow, yes!

Ruth x


  1. Great layering! And I'm in love with your skirt, the length and print are perfect!

  2. You have the most perfect hair. I can tell that you do love layering! You do it so well. And you little ebay hunter you! Perfect finds. Deffo a new follower hun.
    Chloe x
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