Johnson's The National Cleaners

During my third year at University, I focused a lot of my projects on the ethical factors that come within fashion as I feel that in the environment that we're living in, it's highly important to be aware of the current situations that we face. Like everyone else, I'm all about being green and doing as much as I can to be environmentally friendly. In particular, I try to have an ethical approach in the way that I look after my clothes and use up cosmetics and other beauty products. 'Unless it's dirty, don't wash at 30' almost acted as a motto that I used to survive my final year. Not only does it help you save money, but you're also helping the environment (hope you've picked up on the little message I'm trying to get across here haha).

I was absolutely over the moon when the lovely Lauren, who runs a Marketing and Digital PR company, got in contact to let me know about this campaign that they've got going on with Johnson's the National Cleaners. Feel free to have a mooch here and also here to get a better understanding of the campaign. Johnson's stress that their cleaning is 'different, we are the only national UK dry cleaner that uses a product called GreenEarth® instead of using harsh chemicals. GreenEarth® leaves clothes looking smarter and colours stay bright and true.'

For the rest of this year, they want us to try their GreenEarth® dry cleaning service and if we're not satisfied with the results, they'll simply clean everything again for free. That's right, FREE! What's there to lose? Go on, pop into your local branch and give it a go. It'll be your good deed for the day :)

Ruth x


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