October Favourites

Today's post is a little different. I thought I'd start doing monthly favourites post so let me know your honest opinion on this one. It's my first one so be kind if it drags a little haha. Anyway, let's start...

 Soap and Glory// Shower Gel and Body Milk- These were last years Christmas gifts from my sister. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how I've still got some left because they both smell so delicious and leave my skin feeling super soft.

The Body Shop// Strawberry Body Mist- Wow another of last years Christmas gifts that I'm still using (the whole set is still untouched, oops). I appreciate all the lovely presents that I receive but when it comes to bath goodies, I get so so much that it always takes me so long to use them all up. I guess I try to be as ethical as I can. Anyway, I've been using this body mist as a substitute to perfumes for a while and although some may think that it looks a little too sickly and sweet, it's actually very subtle so it's just enough.

Rimmel// Lasting Finish Foundation and Fix and Perfect Primer- Now, I'm not sure whether it's an Asian thing but my skin is always hideously shiny and it actually makes me feel pretty self concious. This primer has been my saviour and I actually don't know how I used to wear my foundation without having a layer of this underneath before. It does exactly what it's supposed to and leaves a nice matte finish. So a definite 10/10 from me. Bye shiny skin.

I've used a lot of different types of foundations but right now I'm pretty happy with this Rimmel number. The finishing doesn't look cakey and it feels light on which is always a good thing.

MUA// Pencil Eyeliner and Blusher- I'll be honest, I own quite a lot of MUA products and they're pretty good considering their price. Now, I don't know whether this is because my knowledge on make up products isn't the best or because I'm easily pleased (haha) but I'm in no rush to trying a different line yet. The blusher leaves a pretty, peachy finishing look and the pencil liner is just about right to frame my eyes.

Collection// Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner- I feel so naked without adding some feline flicks and this liquid eyeliner does just that for me because it's so so easy to use. I've used some in the past where the little brush was so fine that perfecting my flicks (or keeks as my mum refers to them as) were just impossible. Here's another '...because I'm Asian' statement haha. I have little to no eyelashes so it doesn't really matter what mascara I use. Yet, I feel so naked without having some coats of it on.

Revlon// Base and Top Coat- How I lived without this little number is beyond me. A few coats of it before applying some colour makes my nails so much healthier. I'd definitely recommend this.

George at Asda// Nail Varnishes in 'Gnome' and 'Inky Grey'-Having recently moved to Cardiff, I live about 5 minutes walk away from Asda and I'm able to really appreciate the George range. So much better than I ever thought. Clothes aside, their beauty products are very true to value too. I picked up these nail varnishes for 88p (yes, 88p) and just £1 last week. I'm still a sucker for pastel shades when it comes to nails and fell in love with them more when I found out that they have a matte finishing too. Winning!

Bumble and Bumble// Thickening hairspray- Like everyone else, I got this spray as a free gift from Elle's August Issue. I've been rationing it because I know that I can't afford the other products from the range. I spray little spritz here and there after I've towelled dry about 80% of my hair and then I usually blow dry it. This spray does make my hair feel so much fuller and thicker too, and if I really want to achieve some nice natural looking curls, I usually throw my hair up into a bun and leave it in over night. 

Pantene Pro-V// Lightweight Conditioning Foam- As I'm rationing that B&B spray, I usually use generous amounts of this on my wet hair. I try to avoid blow drying my hair as much as I can, so I usually leave this in over night and my hair genuinely does feel a lot healthier and stronger in the mornings.

Whittard's of Chelsea// Pear & Guava Flavour Instant Tea- I drink a lot of green tea but recently I've been drinking this instant tea in between. I guess my taste buds need a subtle change now and again. You can enjoy this hot or cold but as it's Winter I obviously have it hot. I'll be honest, the guava definitely tastes a lot stronger than the pear but I'm still a fan of the combination as it leaves such a sweet after taste. Sadly, it's discontinued so if you have any other of their flavours to suggest then please do so :)

Lush// Helping hands- This lotion has been a saviour for my little hands as they fight against the cold. It smells delicious too as it's got a combination of shea butter and cocoa so it's not too overwhelming. It leaves my hands feeling super soft and prevents any dry and rough patches which is all we want for our hands during Winter, right?

Collection// Lasting Colour Lipstick in Queen of Hearts- Everyone needs a red lipstick and my favourite one comes in this one from Collection. I've had this for a while but feel that I don't wear enough colour on my lips so I haven't been able to try on different ones. What I like about this lipstick is that it's matte and the deepness of the red compliments my skin tone pretty well. I kid you not, this lipstick was featured on this post and after demolishing a bowl of noodles, the lipstick still stayed on and didn't bleed. Very impressive considering I only paid around £2.79 or something for it. Amazing!

Regal Rose// Raven Skull Collar Chain- This gorgeous collar chain was gifted to me by the beautiful twins, Rebecca and Louisa, after I worked with them and helped out at their stall at The Clothes Show last December. I loved the experience and have so much respect for them. So happy to see Regal Rose going from strength to strength, they certainly deserve it. I chose this chain because :1) I love collar details and 2) I love the gothicism theme behind it's design.

Black Tied// Turquoise Ring- I've only had this ring for around 2 weeks and haven't taken it off. I'd always wanted a turquoise ring and now I know why- they simply compliment everything that you wear. 

Forever 21// Brooches- If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll most probably be sick to death of seeing either one of these cheeky little brooches. They came in a set of four, so I'll feature more of the other two in my next outfit posts. Like I've mentioned, I love little details, especially around the collars and my outfits never feel complete if I don't have some sort of accessory on or around my neck.

Films// 'Brick'- If you've heard and/or seen this then *virtual high 5.* I'll be honest, Joseph Gordon- Levitt is the reason why I watched this film in the first place. I've been a fan of his since first laying eyes on him in 'Angels in the Outfield.' Then I watched '10 Things I Hate About You' and fell in love with his comedic side and then there came one of my favourites, 'Mysterious Skin' which showed a completely different side to JG-L. His performance in that film captivated me and the level of emotion that he showed completely moved me. I love him as an actor and hopefully will love him as a director as well. So excited for Don Jon. Now on to 'Brick' the film is about Brendan (JGL) who tries to unravel the motives behind his girlfriends murder after he finds her body in a tunnel. I know that seems pretty vague but I don't want to give out any spoilers.

'The Squid and the Whale'- The film follows brothers Frank and Walt as their parents go through a divorce. I know it sounds pretty boring when I put it like that, but anyone who's seen it will agree with me when I say that the story itself is touching as it portrays the true events and real emotions of director Noah Baumbach and his brother. Emotional with some funny and yet some poignant elements. A must see! Baumbach is a fine writer and director and I'm excited to watch more of his stuff.

Gig// 'Local Natives'- My sister introduced me to the band and since then, I haven't stopped listening to them. I went to their gig in Bristol with my younger brother. We ended up arriving at the o2 pretty early so we decided to pop over to the pub across to have a sit down and guess who walked in? The band. After being in awe of them and staring at them for a whole 10 minutes, we plucked up the courage to talk to them. I can honestly say that they are the most humble and talented band that I've ever had the pleasure of watching and I'd happily go again.

If you've made it this far, thank you! This was my first time doing a 'favourites' post and I know it's been a little long but I'm sure I'll be able to condense my next one and I promise not to blabber on as much haha. Comment below and let me know if you've liked/watched/listened to anything that I've mentioned. I'd love to get to know you all better.

Hope you had an amazing weekend :)

Ruth x


  1. I love both of the Soap & Glory products and that tea sounds yummmmmy! Might have to give it a try!!



    1. They're amazing, aren't they? Yes, Amy, you must :) x

  2. too bad we don't have Soap and Glory here, their products always look so amazing!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    1. Could you maybe order some babe? :) I'm sure that's available


  3. So many lovely things! I am keen to buy a bottle of that Body shop strawberry spray, does it last throughout the day? x

    1. Thanks babe :) It does, I couldn't believe it myself but it obviously doesn't smell as strong xx

  4. I love soap and glory so this post instantly caught my eye! There's also a few bits on here that I need to try! great post


  5. love soap & glory packaging! i am sucker for pretty & quirky packaging!